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Used Heavy Equipment for Sale: Everything You Need To Know

Do you need to get your hands on cranes, crawler carriers, dozers, excavators, pipelayers, scrapers, or any other types of heavy equipment for your company?

If so, you’re more than welcome to search for brand-new heavy equipment for sale if you would like. It’ll last you a long time and prove to be a great investment on the part of your company.

But you’ll also have the option to search for used heavy equipment for sale. Although this equipment will have some hours on it, it’s the better option for many of the companies out there.

If you’re interested in purchasing used heavy equipment, we’ve put together a guide that will help you obtain it. It should help you secure the used heavy equipment that you’re looking for in no time at all.

Here is everything you need to know about conducting a successful search for used heavy equipment.

Start by Making Sure Used Heavy Equipment Will Be Your Best Option

As we just alluded to, you’re going to have the option to go with either new or used heavy equipment when you’re in the market for equipment for your company. As a result, you’ll need to make sure that used heavy equipment is going to be your best option before buying it.

There will be a whole host of benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you purchase used heavy equipment over new heavy equipment. Here are just a few of them:

  • Used heavy equipment will cost less than new heavy equipment will
  • Used heavy equipment won’t depreciate in value as quickly as new heavy equipment will
  • Used heavy equipment will be capable of carrying out most of the same tasks as new heavy equipment will

These are a few of the reasons why you should strongly consider shopping for used heavy equipment for sale as opposed to new equipment. But it’ll be up to you to make sure that used equipment will check all the right boxes for your company.

Decide Which Kind of Used Heavy Equipment You Need

Once you’re committed to going with used heavy equipment over new heavy equipment, the next thing you’ll need to do is decide which equipment you want to buy. There won’t be any shortage of options when you’re looking around at the different types of heavy equipment.

To determine which types of heavy equipment you should buy on behalf of your business, you’ll need to consider:

  • Which types of tasks your company specializes in carrying out
  • Where your company will be utilizing heavy equipment
  • How you see your company expanding in the near future

Whatever the case, you should have a clear idea as to which types of used heavy equipment your company needs at this time. It’ll enable you to focus on this specific kind of equipment when you’re shopping around for it.

Look Around for the Best Place to Buy Used Heavy Equipment

After you’ve determined which kind of heavy equipment you would like to buy, you’ll need to locate a dealer that can provide you with it. It’ll be imperative that you purchase used heavy equipment from a company you know you can trust.

First and foremost, you should look for a dealer that carries used heavy equipment. Not every dealer is going to have a large selection of used heavy equipment for its customers.

You should also look for a used heavy equipment dealer that has the following attributes:

  • A wealth of experience within the heavy equipment industry
  • A wonderful reputation among those who have purchased used heavy equipment from them in the past
  • An extensive selection of used heavy equipment, including many different types of heavy equipment
  • A knack for offering excellent prices on used heavy equipment

The heavy equipment industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has led to an influx in the total number of heavy equipment dealers. It’ll be your job to sort through all your opinions so that you’re able to find the best one of the bunch.

Search For Used Heavy Equipment Made by Trusted Manufacturers

It isn’t enough for a heavy equipment dealer to simply carry a large selection of used heavy equipment for sale. They also need to be able to provide used heavy equipment that is made by some of the most trusted manufacturers in the business.

If you buy used heavy equipment that was produced by some no-name company, it might not last you for as long as you would like. You’ll be so much better off holding out for used heavy equipment that was manufactured by a name like Superior Manufacturing.

You’ll sleep so much better at night knowing that you’ve invested your company’s hard-earned money in used heavy equipment that you can count on when it was manufactured by a company that has a name that is well-known within the industry.

Shop For Used Heavy Equipment That Doesn’t Have Too Much Wear and Tear

The only potential drawback associated with buying used heavy equipment versus new heavy equipment is that used equipment will have at least a little bit of wear and tear on it. It comes with the territory when you buy almost anything that is used.

But just because you’re going to be buying heavy equipment that has been used by another company in the past does not mean that you have to settle for equipment that is all beaten up. A lot of used heavy equipment will still be in great shape and will last for many years to come.

Great heavy equipment dealers will sell used heavy equipment for sale that has plenty of life left in it. It’s yet another reason to rely on these dealers as opposed to ones that tend to focus all their efforts on their new heavy equipment.

Check to See That Used Heavy Equipment Has Been Properly Maintained

When you’re standing in front of a piece of used heavy equipment, it might look as though it’s in terrific shape. There is some used heavy equipment that will appear to be new from the outside.

But it’s going to be important for you to try to secure maintenance records for any used heavy equipment before buying it. These records will shine some light on how often used heavy equipment has been maintained over the course of time.

If a dealer isn’t able to set you up with maintenance records for used heavy equipment, that alone might be reason enough to shop for equipment through a different dealer. You want to know all about how a piece of used heavy equipment has been maintained before you even think about buying it and beginning to put it to good use.

See to It That Used Heavy Equipment Includes the Technology You Need

One of the main advantages of buying new heavy equipment for your company is that it’ll give you access to all the newest technology. New heavy equipment will come with all of the latest bells and whistles included in it.

If you know for a fact that your company is going to need this technology to perform certain tasks, you might not have a choice other than to buy new heavy equipment. But you might also be able to get away with utilizing used heavy equipment as long as it comes with the necessary technology.

Even though used heavy equipment might not come loaded with the newest technology, you may be pleasantly surprised to see the technology that will come included in it. It’ll be all about figuring out which technology you need and finding used heavy equipment that will be a great fit for you.

Compare the Price Tags on Different Pieces of Used Heavy Equipment

If you’re looking into buying used heavy equipment, there is a pretty good chance that you’re doing it in large part to save money. This is one of the most common reasons why companies invest in this kind of equipment.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t be shy about shopping around for the used heavy equipment that is available for the best possible price. You might discover that one dealer will sell a piece of used equipment for a much higher price than another one.

Whenever possible, you should try to avoid putting yourself in a position where you need to scramble to buy used heavy equipment at the last minute. If you do this, it could, unfortunately, lead to you spending more than you would like on equipment.

Try to obtain a quote from at least a few different dealers for a piece of used heavy equipment. By doing this, you should be able to get a great deal on the equipment that you need to buy in the end.

Ask If You Can Put Used Heavy Equipment to the Test

Right before you buy a piece of used heavy equipment, you should look into the possibility of you taking it for a test. This can be done at the dealer’s yard or on a short rental. It’ll be especially important to do this if you’re purchasing equipment that you haven’t ever bought before.

You should be able to get a feel for how a piece of used heavy equipment handles by testing it out. It’ll make you feel so much more comfortable with the idea of purchasing used heavy equipment for sale.

You’re obviously going to be utilizing the used heavy equipment that you buy quite a bit. So you want it to handle the way that your company will need it to. You’ll also want it to be equipped to perform the types of tasks that you’ll use it for.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your mechanic inspect the piece of equipment as well. All reputable companies should welcome this. 

Think About How You’re Going to Transport Used Heavy Equipment

They call heavy equipment heavy equipment for a reason. It weighs a whole lot and isn’t going to be easy to get it around if you aren’t equipped for the challenge.

You’ll need to give some thought to how you’re going to transport used heavy equipment around prior to purchasing it. Outside of buying the used heavy equipment itself, you might also want to consider buying a haul truck  so that you can move it from point A to point B as needed.

You might already have trucks and trailers that you use to get your company’s heavy equipment around. But you’ll need to make sure that these trailers are up for the challenge of transporting your new equipment.

If they aren’t cut out for the job, you should explore the possibility of you buying used equipment trailers. They’ll help you make the most of used heavy equipment from the second that you start using it.

Take a Closer Look at Our Used Heavy Equipment for Sale

Now that you know a little more about buying used heavy equipment, you should start the process of shopping for it. We carry a wide assortment of both new and used heavy equipment and can help you find exactly what your company needs.

We invite you to poke around on our website to see some of the new and used heavy equipment for sale. You’re also welcome to reach out to us with any questions you might have about our heavy equipment.

Contact us today to get additional information on the used heavy equipment that we have for sale at this time.

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