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The Best Crawler Carriers To Purchase or Rent

Are you a construction business in need of powerful machines to transport materials and heavy cargo onsite? Crawler carriers are one of the industry’s most reliable and versatile pieces of equipment, perfect for traversing rough terrains. From renting to purchasing, it can be confusing which option is right for you — but don’t worry. We’ll provide all the details needed so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing or renting your next crawler carrier.

Crawler Carriers: The Swiss Army Knife of Your Project

If you’re in the construction business, you know that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key. That’s why crawler carriers are becoming the preferred choice for many construction businesses. They’re innovative and reliable and offer a range of capabilities that make them ideal for use on job sites.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what crawler carriers are, how they work, and what makes them such an attractive option for construction companies. 

What is a Crawler Carrier? 

Crawler carriers are vehicle’s that is designed to carry heavy materials across rough terrain. It uses tracks instead of wheels, which gives it more traction than traditional vehicles. This also allows it to traverse difficult terrain with ease without worrying about getting stuck or damaging the ground. Therefore, making them ideal for use in the construction and pipeline industry.  

How Do Crawler Carriers Work? 

Crawler carriers operate using an engine connected to a hydraulic pump. This pump powers the tracks and drives the vehicle forward or backward. This system also allows operators to adjust speed and direction quickly and easily so they can maneuver around obstacles with ease. The tracks offer superior traction compared to traditional wheeled vehicles and can handle uneven terrain without slipping or getting stuck. Additionally, crawler carriers have low ground pressure, so they won’t damage the ground when being driven over it. 

What Makes Crawler Carriers Attractive? 

Crawler carriers are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry for several their advantages over traditional wheeled vehicles. Their activeness stems beyond their ability to move more efficiently across terrain, They also reduce ground pressure which means you don’t have to worry about your vehicle damaging the ground while it’s in motion. Finally, crawler carriers can be used with attachments like welding beds, flatbeds, personnel carriers, and more. These bed configurations make them even more versatile for transporting diverse materials from one location to another.

Superior ST-Line Crawler Carriers 

If you’re in the commercial construction business, then you know how important it is to have reliable and efficient equipment. That’s why Worldwide Machinery only supplies Superior ST-Line crawler carriers that are designed to provide construction businesses with a powerful, versatile and highly reliable solution for all of their application needs. 

The Power of an ST-Line Crawler Carrier 

The ST-Line was designed with power in mind. With robust engine and strong frames, these crawlers are capable of moving heavy loads across rough terrain without sacrificing efficiency. They also come equipped with a variety of features that make them ideal for many applications, including transporting, welding, hauling, and more. 

The Versatility of an ST-Line Crawler Carrier  

The versatility of an ST-Line Crawler Carrier makes it an invaluable asset to any construction business. Its interchangeable bed system can handle a wide range of tasks, while its compact design allows it to navigate tight spaces such as underground tunnels or narrow roads. It also comes with an impressive range of attachments so you can customize your crawler carrier depending on your specific application needs. 

The Reliability of an ST-Line Crawler Carrier 

When it comes to reliability, the ST-Line Crawler Carrier delivers in spades. Its rugged design allows for long hours of operation without fear of breakdowns or malfunctions, which means less downtime and increased productivity for your business. Plus, its unique combination of power and precision ensures that each job is done precisely and safely every time. 

At Worldwide Machinery, we understand the importance of having reliable equipment in the construction and pipeline industry, which is why we only supply Superior ST-Line crawler carriers. These crawlers provide power, versatility, and reliability while being easy to maintain and operate, making them an ideal solution for any construction business looking for an efficient way to get their jobs done quickly and safely. Check out the Superior crawler carriers that you can rent or buy today to learn more about our line of crawlers!

Crawler Carriers for Rent & Purchase at Worldwide Machinery

Are you in the market for a reliable and versatile machinery option for your construction projects? Look no further than Worldwide Machinery’s line-up of Crawler Carriers. These powerful machines are known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of construction projects due to their ability to be used in a variety of ways.. 

Worldwide Machinery offers crawler carriers that come in a variety of sizes and capacities with plenty of amenities to make your job easier. Our crawler carrier capabilities range from hauling material or personnel around demanding terrain to transporting heavy loads over extended distances. With the ability to maneuver efficiently and offer exceptional control in tough conditions, they are an indispensable resource for getting the most out of any project site. 

Let’s take a look at four models offered by Worldwide Machinery, the ST-150X, ST-220X, ST-220XR, and ST-300X

ST-150X Crawler Carrier 

With its compact frame, the ST-150X crawler carrier stands out among its bigger siblings. Not only does it have 15,000 pounds of capacity, but it also comes with all the features and capabilities of larger models at a fraction of the size. This exceptional machine is perfect for maneuvering tight areas, offering superior traction off-road performance without sacrificing power. Whether for road maintenance or crane assistance, this versatile crawler will help you get the job done.

ST-220X and ST-220XR Crawler Carrier 

The ST-220X has a higher load capacity and bed dimensions than the ST-150X, making it perfect for special configurations such as water tankers, personnel carriers, or to be equipped with a rock bed. With an impressive payload capacity of 22,000 pounds, this powerful machine can handle any job you throw at it. In addition, its hydraulic system allows operators to control every aspect of its operations with ease from inside the cab. 

The ST-220XR includes the same payload as the ST-220X, but includes a rotating center bearing that allows the chassis to rotate 360°.

Rent an ST-220X or ST-220XR crawler carrier today!

ST-300X Crawler Carrier

The ST-300X carrier crawler is an incredibly versatile piece of machinery designed to tackle the toughest environments and most arduous transport tasks. It has a carrying capacity of 30,000 pounds and is capable of traversing even the harshest terrain. Operators can also take advantage of its state-of-the-art technology, from its advanced powertrain systems to its precision maneuvering capabilities. It’s no wonder that so many industry professionals turn to this crawler to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With the ST-300X carrier crawler, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Crawler Carriers from Worldwide Machinery are designed with versatility and power in mind, making them ideal for any construction project. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model like the ST-150X or need something with more horsepower like the ST-300X, Worldwide Machinery has you covered. With these Crawler Carriers on your side, your construction projects will run smoothly and efficiently.

Crawler Carriers for Rent or Purchase at Worldwide Machinery

For construction business owners looking for a reliable, cost-effective option for transporting materials and moving earth on their project sites, Worldwide Machinery offers crawler carriers that come in a variety of sizes and capacities with plenty of amenities to make your job easier. Our crawler carrier capabilities range from hauling material or personnel around demanding terrain to transporting heavy loads over extended distances. With the ability to maneuver efficiently and offer exceptional control in tough conditions, they are an indispensable resource for getting the most out of any project site. 

Worldwide Machinery is the destination for those looking for an array of high-quality crawler carriers. With a vast selection of brands to choose from and top-quality options available, you’re sure to find the perfect carrier for your unique needs. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you in deciding on the best model and answer questions about our extensive inventory. Call us today to learn more and get started on finding what you need!

Uncovering the Benefits of Crawler Carriers

Crawler carriers are improving the way in which businesses manage operations on construction sites. Boasting superior safety and efficiency compared to traditional wheeled vehicles, crawler carriers offer an unparalleled range of benefits for businesses that make them difficult to pass up. From their remarkable access across challenging terrains to their heavy-duty load capabilities, crawler carriers provide a reliable solution for any project – no matter how big or small. Investing in crawler carriers is an easy decision for businesses looking to maximize productivity while keeping workers safe. Let’s go deeper into the benefits and uncover exactly what makes them so advantageous. 

Cost Savings 

When you consider versatility crawler carriers provide, it is not surprising that crawler carriers are a serious investment. That said, they offer significant cost savings over other solutions. Due to their numerous available attachments, one crawler carrier can perform many tasks that would have traditionally required multiple machines. As an example, the same unit can change from a flatbed, to a welding tractor, to a dump bed. This means the possibilities for your piece of equipment are endless and you are not required to purchase separate machines for each. 

Crawler carriers are incredibly flexible; their low ground pressure means they can be used on soft surfaces such as mud and sand without causing any damage, making them ideal for multiple applications, including transportation, drilling, and hauling. 


Crawler carriers are designed to reduce risks on construction sites by providing operators with an extra layer of protection against potential hazards. They also offer superior stability compared to wheeled machines meaning operators are less likely to lose control when navigating uneven terrain or steep inclines. This ultimately leads to improved safety conditions on site and lower insurance premiums for businesses overall. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to using crawler carriers in construction projects. Their cost savings potential, flexibility and safety features, make them an attractive option for businesses seeking reliable solutions. All-in-all, investing in crawler carriers is a smart choice that will pay dividends both now and in the future!

Worldwide Machinery has an impressive selection of reliable and efficient crawler carriers available for purchase at competitive prices. From providing access to hard-to-reach areas to offering stability on uneven or soft ground, these machines offer numerous benefits. These benefits  make them indispensable for any construction project! If your looking for a reliable crawler carrier for your next project, look no further than Worldwide Machinery! Check out our crawler carrier inventory today!

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