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6 Questions to Ask To Find The Best Equipment Rentals of Texas

Studies have found that construction projects often exceed their budget by at least 16%. Reasons for this include not having a contingency budget and not planning their construction equipment rental. If you need a Texas equipment rental, it is time to get planning. 

There are over 3,460 heavy equipment rental businesses in the US, and when you search for heavy equipment rentals of Texas, many options come up. However, not all are created equally, so you need to research to find the best local equipment rental for your project needs. You will only reap all the benefits that construction equipment rental can offer. 

An excellent start is knowing what questions to ask Texas heavy equipment rentals. You can narrow down your options and ensure you pick the right rental company for your project the first time. These seven questions will get you started. 

1. What Equipment Do I Need?

When searching for heavy equipment rentals in Texas, you want to find a knowledgeable provider that can advise you on your project needs. You might know what equipment you need for the project, but asking this question can help confirm if the company is knowledgeable and you have planned accordingly. 

Be sure to evaluate what equipment you need for the job and note the conditions of your site, which can impact your choices. Rental equipment can include various options, such as excavators and scrapers, so know what you are looking for before you begin researching Texas equipment rental options. It is ideal to find one Texas equipment rental that can cover all your project needs instead of using multiple local companies, which can quickly get confusing. 

Equipment Brands 

When you ask about the equipment you need, you can also inquire about the best brands for the gear and whether it is new or used. You want to find a Texas heavy equipment rental company that offers reputable brand options, which are likely to be more reliable and demonstrate that the provider cares about their equipment’s quality. Consider if you want to rent new or used equipment and check what options are available. 

Equipment Inventory 

When discussing equipment options, you will also get an idea of the equipment rental inventory they have available. It is no use picking a local equipment rental that has a limited inventory, so you have to wait for specific items.

You want to find a Texas equipment rental that has a large inventory. You will then have access to the best equipment and will have backup options if something happens, and the equipment needs replacing. Otherwise, you could end up having to wait for an item to be repaired, or you will have to use another company to replace an item.

2. Do You Deliver the Equipment?

Do not presume a local equipment rental company will offer delivery. Check what their rental process is for heavy equipment, which will include how the machinery is transported to your site. You may have a haul truck to  transport equipment to the  job yourself, but it is worth asking if the company provides the service.

Many heavy equipment rentals in Texas do deliver equipment. It can help save you time and money, so you can focus on your project while your equipment rental is delivered. Ensure delivery staff has the training and proper transport to deliver your equipment safely. 

Delivery Costs

If the company can deliver the heavy equipment, always ask what the freight price will be.  If you pick a local equipment rental in Texas, it is better to know what your costs are up front,  and if the transport is long-distance, there may be additional fees. You also want to inquire about pick up at the end of the rental and what will happen if a machine needs maintenance or transportation due to an issue. 

3. Who Is Responsible for Maintenance?

Asking a Texas heavy equipment rental about maintenance serves two purposes. It’s important to know how they care for their heavy equipment between clients and want to keep everything in optimum condition. And you need to know who will have to repair equipment while you are renting it.

Even if you rent quality heavy equipment, sometimes things go wrong. After all, heavy equipment is under a lot of stress, so an item may need maintenance or a new part to continue functioning. Some items even need daily checks to avoid downtime and repairs. 

Maintenance Services 

It can be helpful if a Texas heavy equipment company also includes maintenance services and states who is responsible for equipment malfunctions. They should have the parts, equipment, and expertise to fix the machines you are using quickly.

Maintenance services may be included or at an additional cost, so be clear on this when you commit to a rental. Ask how the maintenance service works and, if you have to request maintenance, what the response time is on average. 

If a company does not provide maintenance services, you must be responsible for all rental items. If you do not keep up with maintenance, you could face costly breakdowns that delay your project. Be sure to ask if the company documents any damages to equipment before you use it, and also make your own notes to avoid disputes.  

4. What About Insurance and Training?

When searching for a Texas heavy equipment rental, you do not only have to look at the quality of the machines. You can rent the best brands and quality equipment, but safety is paramount to a positive experience. Asking this question can also help determine how knowledgeable a company is about its heavy equipment rentals. 


You need to have the right insurance to operate the heavy rental equipment. A heavy equipment damage waiver is not insurance, so clarify if the company offers insurance options or if you have to find your own before you can rent equipment. If you have to find your own insurance, the Texas equipment rental company should have some recommendations. 

Be wary of a local equipment rental that does not speak about insurance or require evidence before you rent. You could incur costly damages, including liability issues and legal cases. 


You also need to know how to operate the heavy equipment you are renting. Ask if the Texas equipment rental company offers any training, manuals, or guidance on operating machinery. You need to factor in time to provide employee training if it is not offered, as insufficient training can lead to many issues.

You would risk heavy equipment malfunctioning faster if there were improper training. Staff will not use equipment in the most efficient way and can also store it wrong. You can also risk staff injuries such as struck-by injuries and even fatalities if they are not confident operating heavy-duty machinery. 

Look for a company that provides maintenance care recommendations and is happy to answer any queries you have before you commit to a rental.

5. What Are the Costs and Payment Options?

No matter how impressive the heavy equipment options are, you need to find an option you can afford. Budgeting accordingly will open up more quality options for your project, and you need to check rental costs. 

Planning your budget in advance ensures you allocate sufficient funds to cover your heavy equipment rentals. Otherwise, you could risk an unpleasant surprise for your budget.

Initial Quotes and Total Costs 

Always read the fine print of contracts and check there are no hidden fees you are unaware of, such as fees if you change the rental agreement. Reputable heavy equipment rental companies will be happy to provide transparent pricing and answer any of your questions. 

Costs can include:

  • Price of the construction equipment rental
  • Any delivery and pickup fees
  • Sales tax 
  • Any environmental fees
  • Rental protection 

The initial quote may only be a base quote, so get the total heavy equipment cost in writing so you can assess what is included. Ensure that certain services are included, such as delivery, or you may underestimate your equipment rental budget. 

Remember that the cheapest quote does not always mean the best deal, and the most expensive option does not mean the best service. There are other factors you need to consider, such as any hidden fees, the company’s reputation, and the quality of equipment. You may be able to access discounts if you rent long-term, or you may have to pay a daily rate. 


Also, make sure you are clear on how you are billed. Some companies may take a deposit, and you need to know if you will be billed daily, weekly, or monthly. You do not want to have to gather the funds last minute or forget when a rental payment is due. 

6. What Is the Rental and Return Policy?

Many construction projects experience delays, including nine out of ten large-scale projects. The main reasons for delays include labor shortages, environmental issues, budget issues, and miscommunication. Some of these factors you can control, such as ensuring you invest time working out a budget and communicating openly, including with your Texas equipment rental. 

Flexible Rental Options 

However, sometimes there are factors that are out of your control, such as environmental issues in Texas. It is best to know in advance if your Texas heavy equipment rental company has a flexible policy to adapt to these changes. 

Can you easily extend the policy if there are delays? You might need a policy that is flexible with return dates or changes to equipment. Finding out if a policy is flexible in advance will prevent project downtime and other issues at a later date. If a heavy equipment rental company has a large inventory, they are likely to be more flexible with your policy. 

Returns Policy 

Hopefully, your planning will prevent any need for equipment returns. But sometimes you need to return the equipment if it doesn’t meet your needs. You may find it is only when equipment is on-site that you can learn what works for your project. 

Check what the returns policy is and if there are any additional fees involved, such as early contract termination or the need to arrange your own pickup transport. The Texas equipment rental company may also offer the chance to swap equipment for more suitable options. 

Do You Have Customer Support?

A construction equipment rental also needs to provide sufficient customer support for your rental period. You do not want to use a company that is hard to contact or does not provide customer service if issues arise.

Sometimes issues occur with heavy equipment after standard office hours, so you need to know if and how you can seek assistance to maintain optimum productivity. Some heavy equipment rentals in Texas offer customer service options in different time zones, which means you can easily access help if an issue occurs out of hours. Putting off seeking support comes with many risks, such as equipment damage, project delays, and safety risks.

Customer Support Process 

Along with checking customer support hours, ask what the process is for contacting support. Can you pick up the phone and call them? Or there may be a specific process you need to follow, such as having to request a callback or fill out a form. 

Learning what a Texas equipment rental’s customer support is like is essential to help guarantee a positive rental experience. You want to ensure the staff you contact are knowledgeable about the equipment and have the expertise to deal with your issue.

You will get an idea of the rental’s customer support when you first contact them. However, another way to check customer support is to read reviews. You can ask the Texas equipment rental for customer testimonials to help with your peace of mind. 

The Best Heavy Equipment Rentals of Texas

Once you decide to rent heavy equipment, you still need to invest time in finding the best company for your needs. It can be overwhelming to know how to narrow down heavy equipment rentals of Texas. However, do not give in to the temptation to pick the first option without research. 

Asking these questions will help you find the right Texas equipment rental the first time. You will avoid experiencing issues at a later date and ensure you are on the same page about vital factors that impact your rental.

Worldwide Machinery offers cutting-edge specialty equipment for the pipeline, renewable, and earthmoving industries. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, flexibility, and value, with multiple Texas locations within a 300-mile radius. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next project with our heavy equipment rentals. 

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