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10 Tips for Finding the Best Heavy Equipment Rentals Near Me

Heavy equipment rentals are on the rise, with the market expected to reach $180 billion by 2027. But it does not mean the equipment rentals are of the same quality. Before you start searching for ‘heavy equipment rentals near me,’ you need to know what to look for in a heavy equipment rental company. 

For some companies, it makes sense to find local equipment rentals instead of investing in heavy equipment. You save money on storage expenses, you will have access to various equipment, and do not have to invest in specialized equipment. However, you still need your equipment rentals to be of high quality. 

It is possible that things will go wrong with your heavy equipment, but there are some factors to consider that can increase the chance of a positive experience. Here are ten tips for finding the best heavy equipment rentals for your next project. 

1. Understand Your Needs

Take the time to research what equipment you need for your project to avoid using the wrong tools and sizes, which could delay your project. You could also end up having to pay for equipment you do not need.

If you know you need specific equipment, such as earthmoving equipment rentals, you can look for companies that can cater to all your needs. You do not want to have to search for different companies for different items. Instead, find a company that provides all the equipment you need, such as articulated trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, and scrapers. 

If you are unsure about equipment sizing or what equipment you need, then you can also reach out to the rental company and describe your project in detail. A reputable rental company will recommend what you need and be highly knowledgeable about their equipment. 

It is also essential to consider the brand when looking at equipment. Pick a company that uses reputable brands for the equipment you need. 

2. Transparent Pricing and Rental Processes 

Underestimating budgets for rental equipment is common but can cause significant damage to your project. Nine out of ten projects experience cost overrun, with an average overrun of 28%. One of the leading causes is underestimating heavy equipment rental costs. 

Look for a company that offers transparent pricing and processes so that you can be on the same page from the beginning. There can be many hidden costs when it comes to heavy equipment rentals, so that great price might not be all it seems. Hidden fees can quickly add up, so check the pricing in detail and ask any questions if you are unsure. 

A reliable company will clearly state its pricing, provide quotes, and explain rental processes. You will understand their policies about returns, additional fees, and how rentals work, which will help you pick the best company for your needs. For example, look for a company with a simple and organized process to contact customer support, such as a specific number to deal with all customer queries. 

3. Rental Accessibility and Availability

When searching for ‘heavy equipment rentals near me,’ check the business size. It is great to support local businesses but ask about their access to equipment; otherwise, availability could be an issue. You do not want to have to use multiple companies for different needs or have delays if your rental equipment has a problem and there is no replacement. 

Avoid a multi-national company that does not have good customer accessibility; otherwise, you may struggle to access equipment or support if an issue arises. The best option is to pick a company that offers local equipment rentals, as they are easy to access, and the process of receiving rental equipment will be more straightforward.

A company that has bases in multiple locations is also likely to have more extensive inventories, access to quality equipment, and rental availability. Always check inventory sizes and what brands the company stocks. Be wary of companies that do not have high-end stock brands, which are more likely to be reliable.

You are more likely to find specific brands of equipment you desire and specialist items with well-established companies, compared to smaller companies, which may be unable to provide certain items. Take the time to browse their inventories and check they have the heavy equipment rentals you need for your project. 

4. Flexible Rental 

When searching for heavy equipment rentals, understand their rental policies and how flexible their rental process is. Not all companies will offer the same service, such as flexible return dates and options to change rental contracts. For example, maybe you need to extend your rental or reduce how long you need it due to project changes. 

It is essential to be realistic about what a heavy equipment rental company can offer, but if you find one that suits your needs beforehand, you are less likely to run into issues. It is a good idea to immediately communicate with the rental company if a problem arises so that you can find a resolution without delay. 

Also, be clear about return dates and delivery. It is a good idea to schedule delivery before you need the equipment, so you have time to familiarize yourself with it and raise any issues with the company. Some companies offer online platforms to make it easier to reach out to their customer care team and modify rental contracts. 

5. Maintenance Services

Even if you pick a high-end equipment brand in top condition, issues can occur with rental equipment. You want to have peace of mind that the equipment company will help you resolve problems and offer the necessary maintenance to ensure your project can keep to the deadline.

Look out for local equipment rentals that also offer maintenance services. Ask about how they care for their equipment between rentals and if they have a maintenance schedule. A reputable company will value its equipment and focus on preventative maintenance to keep equipment in top condition. 

If the company does not offer a repair service, check they have a contact who does. Also, review the repair process and if extra fees are associated. 

If a company also offers part replacements and other services, it is likely they will be able to respond efficiently to any equipment maintenance needs. It is also another reason why you want to pick rental equipment from reputable brands, as parts will be more readily available and accessible. You do not want to end up with a part that you cannot replace, which means you will have to find a new rental equipment option to replace it. 

6. Check Equipment Repair Records

Ask to see its repair records if you decide to rent used heavy-duty equipment. You want to ensure that you are not receiving faulty equipment that is beyond repair or has not been cared for properly. 

If checking the repair records is not feasible for shorter term rentals, definitely ask about rental machine age and current hours. 

A reputable company should be happy to provide all the necessary documentation for you to familiarize yourself with equipment and make an informed decision. It is understandable that if you break a product, you will have to cover some costs. However, you want to ensure you are receiving a reliable product in the first place.

7. Company Response Time

Local equipment rentals may be accessible in terms of location, but how often is their team available to offer assistance? How long does it take them to respond to your calls?

Look for a company with teams in different time zones, so you can receive urgent support whenever you need it. Be sure to check their customer response policies and how you can contact them. 

You do not want to have to wait for a service request, parts order, or call back if the equipment is essential to your project keeping to a deadline. Also, be wary of companies that take a long time to respond to you, as this may reflect their customer service too. It is also helpful if the staff you deal with are knowledgeable about the products, so you can get the responsive service you need immediately, without delay. 

8. Company Reputation 

A heavy equipment rental company may look great on paper, but does their reputation match? Check independent reviews for customer testimonials on renting similar equipment items. An excellent place to start is to check the Better Business Bureau, but you can also search ‘heavy equipment rentals near me’ and read reviews this way.

Be wary of companies that have no reviews or do not want to disclose customer testimonials. A well-established company will have the experience you need to make the rental process as smooth as possible. They will know how to treat their customers and understand what works for your construction project.

You can also read about a company’s history and other services. If they have a long history of providing heavy-duty equipment, they will likely offer a trustworthy service you can depend on. 

A company that offers other services, such as selling equipment and parts, is an excellent contact to have. You may need different services in the future, so looking for a company that offers more than equipment rentals can be helpful. You will not have to worry about searching for another reputable company in the future and will know the rental company has a firm standing in the heavy equipment industry.

9. Examine the Contract

Even if a heavy equipment company has great reviews, you should always examine your contract before committing to equipment rentals. Read the fine print and be sure you understand the contract before signing. 

Check if there are additional fees you should consider, such as insurance or maintenance services. You also want to be clear on other expenses, such as damage, transportation, or fuel surcharges. 

There is also the risk of liability issues, such as non-contractual use of equipment if you do not fully understand the contract. Avoid legal issues and costly delays to production by investing time in understanding your contract fully. Avoid companies that do not offer written agreements, as you will struggle in any disputes that occur without any evidence to present. 

Examining the contract helps reduce the chance of issues at a later date. You want to be on the same page as the rental company, so do not worry about bringing up any queries before committing to the contract. 

A reputable company should provide a straightforward contract that is easy to understand. They should also be happy to discuss any queries with you so you can be as comfortable as possible before reaching a deal. 

10. Ask About Equipment Training 

It is great to have access to a large inventory of heavy equipment rentals, but do you know how to operate them? Picking a local equipment company should not only be about finding quality equipment but receiving a quality service overall. A reputable rental equipment company should also ensure you know how to operate the equipment.

Check what the training processes are for the equipment. They may provide specific manuals or other training options to ensure you can safely operate the equipment. Manuals and training videos may be online, or in-house training options may be available. 

If they do not provide training material, invest in your own training. Misusing rental equipment does not only risk damage to your wallet if you damage rentals. You also risk safety, which can lead to injuries or even fatalities.  

Also, enquire about equipment safety gear and if there are rental options. You reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities by understanding the equipment you are renting. Renting quality equipment in good condition also reduces the risk of equipment accidents. 

Heavy Equipment Rentals Near Me

There are many reasons why local equipment rentals are beneficial for construction projects. However, being local does not mean you have to limit your equipment options. When searching for ‘heavy equipment rentals near me,’ look out for companies that have bases in multiple locations, experience, and excellent reviews.

Are you looking for heavy equipment rentals? Worldwide Machinery has been providing top-quality equipment since 1949. We are based in a variety of locations to ensure we can provide you with the equipment you need for your job.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your next project. 

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