SPB 48-60

SPB 48-60

The largest of the SUPERIOR fleet of benders, the SPB 48-60 is equipped with an excellent load sensing LUDV hydraulic system, which makes it unique and unprecedented on the market in terms of specifications. The proportional system enables the operator to “dose” bending power and speed, which is a very important feature when high-yield pipes are bent.

Thanks to its frame and the load-bearing structures that are sized to bear the highest pushes, the new SPB 48-60 also bends the most recent and robust pipes like the x-80 and x-100 pipes. The standard machine is equipped with quick disconnects for the hydraulic connection of the mandrel. The new generation electronic injection Caterpillar engine supplies more power, thus favoring and further enhancing the potential of the Bosch Rexroth system.



Operating Weight



Compression Ratio

Engine Bore

Engine Model

Governed Speed

Net Flywheel Power (DIN 6271)

Number of Cylinders

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Motor

Max Operating Pressure

Max. Pull At First Layer

Maximum Feed Flow Rate


Recommended Cable Diameter

Reduction Gear

Speed at First Layer

Wire Rope Type

Hydraulic Pump
Maximum Constant Pressure

Maximum Flow Rate

Front Cracking Wheel
Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Tank
Cartridge Type

Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

Hydraulic Oil Tank
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

Control Valve
Control Valve Brand


Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Type

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