SPB 32-42

SPB 32-42

Despite its simplicity, this machine guarantees high performance in terms of speed and push.

The frame is made of high quality steel, and the parts mostly subject to stresses have been ribbed and boxed to ensure maximum resistance, though keeping the machine weight as light as possible. The hydraulic system has 5 spools; the fifth spool may be used to control the hydraulic mandrel, if fitted. The separate valves enable the operator to set the mandrel pressure independently from the machine. The hydraulic cylinders are sized in such a way that they can operate with pressures exceeding 300 bar. The system design and the proportional valves offer excellent modularity and sensitivity of machine movements, at the same time making the machine speed and push very easy to control.

The new position of the piloting platform and the engine compartment on opposite sides make this machine unique in terms of operating comfort and guarantee maximum visibility and low noise levels to the operator. The SPB 32-42 is installed on tilting idle tracks. Its dimensions and low profile make its travel easy on any job site. The Caterpillar chains are equipped with three bar shoes, the rollers are life-long lubrication type, and the track tensioning device is greased type. All these elements guarantee maximum machine reliability and life over time. On request, LGP tracks are available.




Operating Weight



Compression Ratio

Engine Bore

Engine Model

Governed Speed

Net Flywheel Power (DIN 6271)

Number of Cylinders

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Motor

Max Operating Pressure

Max. Pull At First Layer

Maximum Feed Flow Rate


Recommended Cable Diameter

Reduction Gear

Speed at First Layer

Wire Rope Type

Hydraulic Pump
Maximum Constant Pressure

Maximum Flow Rate

Maximum Peak Pressure

Front Cracking Wheel
Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Tank
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

Hydraulic Oil Tank
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

Control Valve
Control Valve Brand


Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Type

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