SPX 960

SPX-960 / 960 SV

The SPX-960 is the largest model in SUPERIOR’s line of proprietary pipelayers and with a 96-ton lifting capacity. As with other SPX-Series models, our main focus on the SPX-960 is safety. From industry-standard features –such as the Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS)– to more unique ones –such as anti-tipping system and wireless anti-two block– there is a wealth of safety features that make this machine the safest pipelayer on the market, bar none. The engine, a Tier 3 Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT, provides plenty of power even on the most difficult terrains. A Tier 4 Cat C7.1 ACERT is also available depending on local regulations. 


Maximum Lifting Capacity

Net Flywheel Power

Operating Weight

Hook Speed

Wire Rope Diameter


Engine Model

Governed Speed

Net Flywheel Power

NFP (DIN 6270-SAEJ 1349)

Hydraulic System
Main Pumps

Service Pumps

Hydraulic Winch
Drum Diameter - Hook

Boom Capacity 16 mm - 5/8 in

52 m / 170 ft

Drum Diameter - Boom


Drum Length - Boom

Final Drive

Flange Diameter - Boom

Flange Diameter - Hook

Hook Capacity 16 mm - 5/8 in

Hook Speed

Max Operating Pressure

Working Pressure


Final Drives

Trans Max Speed, -2 speed (SV)

Controls Type

Twin Pilot Operated

Safety Controls

Boom Optional

Part Boom Line

Part Load Line

Wire Rope Diameter

Adjustable Counterweights
Total Weight Extendable

Track Frame
Number Of Bottom Rollers


Ground Contact Area

Ground Pressure

Number Of Carrying Rollers

Standard Shoes Width

Fluid Capacities
Cooling System

Engine Oil

Final Drive Each

Fuel Tank

Hydraulic System Circuit

Electric System

Operating Voltage

Starter Capacity

Supplied Batteries

Hydraulic Winches
Hook Speed

Hydraulic Oil Tank
Hydraulic Tank Max Capacity

Filter Maximum Capacity

500 liters/min – 132 U.S. gal/min

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