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Suction Pads for Rent


PD 10-14 Suction Pads

Range: 10-14 in
Capacity: 6,610 lb
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PD 16-22 Suction Pads

Range: 16-22 in
Capacity: 8,810 lb
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PD 24-32 Suction Pads

Range: 24-32 in
Capacity: 13,220 lb
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PD 34-42 Suction Pads

Range: 34-42 in
Capacity: 16,975 lb
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PD 4 Suction Pads

Range: 4 in
Capacity: 2,750 lb
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PD 42-48 Suction Pads

Range: 42-48 in
Capacity: 25,460 lb
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PD 50-54 Suction Pads

Range: 50-54 in
Capacity: 33,050 lb
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PD 56-62 Suction Pads

Range: 56-62 in
Capacity: 39,650 lb
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PD 6-8 Suction Pads

Range: 6-8 in
Capacity: 3,525 lb
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